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Introducing our luxuriously soft Sleep Sacks, available exclusively at Sparkbinx, that promise unparalleled comfort for your baby, ensuring both you and your little one enjoy a more restful sleep. The "Meadow Celebration" Sleep Sack boasts a 1.0 TOG rating, providing ideal warmth throughout the year.

Print: Meadow Celebration

Materials: Crafted with care from 95% Bamboo from Viscose and 5% Lycra, our Sleep Sack, available only at Sparkbinx, offers a buttery-soft touch on your baby's delicate skin. The use of highest-grade yarns guarantees longevity, while slowed-down sewing ensures impeccable craftsmanship.

Filling: The filling is made from 100% Polyester, providing a cozy and lightweight layer that contributes to the overall comfort of your baby.

Design Features:

  • One-of-a-Kind Prints: Exclusive prints designed in-house make the Meadow Celebration Sleep Sack from Sparkbinx truly unique.
  • Two-Way Side Zipper: A convenient two-way side zipper allows easy access for diaper changes from the bottom or hassle-free dressing from the top.
  • Zipper-Pull Guards: Wider zipper-pull guards protect your child's skin and discourage any attempts at chewing on the zipper pull.
  • Inside Zipper Lining: An inside zipper lining adds an extra layer of protection for your baby's tender skin.
  • Generous Fit: The Sleep Sack, available exclusively at Sparkbinx, is designed with a generous fit to allow your baby to move and kick freely, promoting healthy hip development.
  • Breathable Bamboo: The breathable and stretchy bamboo fabric naturally regulates your baby's body temperature.
  • Tag-Less Back: Enjoy itch-free wearing with a tag-less back for added comfort.
  • Easy Care: Machine washable for convenient and easy care.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Rest easy knowing that no harsh flame-resistant chemicals are used in the production of our Sleep Sacks, available only at Sparkbinx.

Provide your baby with the ultimate in comfort and style with the "Meadow Celebration" Sleep Sack—a blend of quality, thoughtful design, and safety, exclusively from Sparkbinx.

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